Simple and affordable uptime monitoring and status page service

Monitor uptime  response time and apdex indexes of your website or api for free and receive instant updates through e-mail Slack or web push with real time announcements.

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Live - Updating Dashboards

Each monitor is visualized with real time uptime, response time, apdex index, SSL certificate information, last succesful & failed response details and response performance graphs.

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Multiple Regions

We monitor your services with our more than 9 locations spread around the world.
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Visualized Request Analysis

Up Ninja analyses the last request made and its response and visualize it for your use.

Complete Timing Phase Analysis
Detailed Region Info
Response Headers
Detailed Error Logs

Visualized Response Performance Analysis

Calculated response performance analysis helps you to get to know how good or bad was your service and how it is serving in average in terms of response time.

With A Lot Of Important Extras

Our team made a mindblowing study before building Up Ninja. We investigated a lot our alternatives and discussed about what are the competitor's pros and cons. With this study, we put down the best solutions to provide you a perfect tool.

Project Based Monitoring

Most of the times, number of monitors are growing and it is getting a little hard to manage. Up Ninja has a solution for this: Projects. Use Projects to organize your monitoring dashboards, to have finer-grained team control, and to simplify your monitor mapping.

Teams for Access Controls

Being responsible from all monitors at the same time is always a tuff business. Having millions of accounts, too. Up Ninja provides Team generation so that all team members inside the project has the same access rights to the monitors. So, you can share or join to other projects to have collaborative access to your dashboards and monitors.

Affordable Prices

Most of the tools have very overpriced strategies. Sometimes you get more than what you need, sometimes you get less. But always with over-prices. We have a very competitive pricing strategy to our alternatives. Up Ninja aims to get happy customer feedbacks so we do our best to provide you best prices.

Customizable HTTP Requests

Your requests are going to be fully customizable. You can configure the URL, Check Interval, Expected Status Code, Expected Text Body, Request Headers and Request Body of your monitors.


Slack & Web Push Integration

Our real time alarming system hits all the e-mails including the team member but it is not limited to emails. We also provide Slack Webhook and Web Push support.

No False Positives

Up Ninja makes secondary check from a different region if a monitor is down. If the secondary check results the same, we ring the bell and inform you.

One More Thing...

Summarized Project Dashboards

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We are working a lot on the best user interface to provide simple, beautiful and effective tool to our customers. Up Ninja has fully responsive design so you can also use your mobile phone to check your monitor details. Our user interface supports all different type of devices.

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